'An obvious candidate to take to a desert island, along with Shakespeare and the Bible' Daily Telegraph

'Feel like you’ve forgotten everything you learned at school? Then this subject-by-subject guide, with tests, is for you' Observer

'They write in a clear, brisk, no-nonsense style, and strike a perfect balance between seriousness and fun. It’s a glorious opportunity to dust the cobwebs from your brain' Mail on Sunday

'After just a few pages of this you will be reminded of forgotten facts. You may even end up teaching your child a thing or two' Sun

Homework for Grown-ups

Everything You Learnt at School...and Promptly Forgot

The Sunday Times number one bestseller.

An informative and entertaining book of old-school knowledge for adults.

Don't know your isosceles from your equilateral?
Forgotten what actually happened in 1066?
Perplexed by past participles?

Fret no longer. Homework for Grown-Ups covers everything from algebra and prime numbers, English grammar and the Big Bang theory, and an easy way to remember the order of the planets and Britain's kings and queens, to art, Latin, P.E., home economics, and much more. Packed with essential facts, figures and theories, along with fun but challenging test papers to keep you on your toes, it might just equip parents to handle their child's homework without humiliation.