'This is a book of fiendish questions to test you on everything you should have learnt at school and have most likely forgotten' The Times

'Your schooldays may be long gone but the Homework for Grown-ups Quiz Book will take you back to the classroom for some competitive family fun' Daily Express

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Homework for Grown-ups Quiz Book

Fiendishly Fun Questions to Test Your Old-school Knowledge


Which literary giant also held the post of Controller of the Custom of Hides, Skins and Wools in the port of London?

Which former concubine went on to become the first, and only, empress of China?

Which French diplomat gave his name to the notoriously addictive nicotine?

How old was George Harrison whent the Beatles split up?

Test your wits, compete with your loved ones and check if it's all still there upstairs with these devilishly diverting questions on all the old-school subjects.