Cleopatra and Frida

The last two months have seen two of the international editions of What Would Boudicca Do? published - in the US and Italy. We learned a lot putting these versions of the book together as we wrote specific chapters on American women for the US edition, and did the same for the Italian publication.

In What Would Cleopatra Do? you’ll find the amazing costume designer Edith Head on the subject of Winging It, sharpshooting Annie Oakley on Being Professional, fierce film critic Pauline Kael and Swimming Against the Tide, politician Ann Richards on Shooting from the Hip and the amazing entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker on Building Your Personal Brand.

For Cosa farebbe Frida Kahlo? we covered educator Maria Montessori and Thinking Outside the Box, novelist Elsa Morante and Finding Your Independence, fabulous film star Anna Magnani and Staying Friends With Your Ex, writer Grazia Deledda and Finding Your Own Voice and artist Artemisia Gentilischi and Stepping Out of Your Parents’ Shadow.