Book Production

Here's to the designers and production people at Faber for making such a beautiful object out of our book. The pics below will show you the little details that make us very happy. First you can see Boudicca in a state of undress showing the lovely light blue boards and spine embossing, next there's the gorgeous gold head and tail bands, then a shot that shows the punchy embossing on the jacket followed by the bright blue endpapers which contrast really well with the flouro pink jacket. Finally a pic of the inside of the book showing how they've managed to carry off the printing so that the ink from the illustrations doesn't mark the opposite page, which is pretty tricky to do. Impossible to show here is the fact that the paper also smells great. Thanks Faber!

Boud spine.jpg
boud head and tails.jpg
Boud embossing.jpg
boudicca endpapers.jpg
boud no transfer.jpg